Friday, August 29, 2014
HHL Hunts & Events
The Renaissance Hunt IV
September 1 - 30, 2014
This years theme:  Shakespeare
Hunt object:  Gargoyle
This sought after gargoyle is getting ready for the hunt to start!
First Batch of Hunt Gifts:
From Feyline Fashions (Store #29)
Owner:  FeydaAnn Ferryhill
Gift:  Sir Vladimir Sea and Mistress Valencia Sea
Complete outfits for men and women from Feyline Fashions.
From SANNA - SCIENCE and ART (Store #34)
Owner:  Sanna Jupiter
Gift:  Vintage Astronomy Set
The Earth will rotate and the Stars will sparkle ...  forever !
From Virtual Textures (Store #38)
Owner:  Chica Indigo
Gift:  Suede & Gold Fabrics
Virtual Textures gift for the Renaissance hunt consist of a hand crafted collection of suede / velvet fabrics with gold trims, encrusted jewels and embroidery in an exclusive color for this event. Enjoy!

From Twelfth Night Designs
Owner:  TwelfthNight Resident
Gift:  Renaissance Fair Ruby Gown,  Emerald Renaissance Ring
This gown and ring by Twelfth Night Designs represent the Jewel colors of the Renaissance era.  The gown is a passionate red ruby that is sure to steal the heart of many.  The emerald ring is strong and bold with an earthy deep green stone.
From Potpourri Designs (Store #19)
Owner:AlexandraLara Resident
Gift:  Angel Wall Fountain
Beautiful and soothing water feature perfect for a garden or other outdoor space.  Comes with animated water and water sound.  Touch the water stream to turn sound on/off.  Copy, 6 prims.
Owner:  Contessa Lacombe
Gift:  Sapphire & Gold Pendant.
Cross Pendant with Sapphire in decorative setting.  Male & Female versions included.
From Park Place Home D├ęcor (Store #31)
Owner:  DeAnn Dufaux
Gift:  Renaissance Salon Chair
The Renaissance Salon Chair features both his/hers animation menus as well as rezzable props.   This piece is versatile and would be appropriate to use for any time period and decorating scheme.

From e*Sensual (Store #50)
Owner:  Danu Fairywren
Gift:  Ladies gift is called " Midsummer Night's Dream "
    Men's gift if called "Henry V"
For the ladies there is a cheery fanciful gown that even Titania could lounge about in and for all you guys an outfit worthy to send you off to battle:  worn loose leather pants and a chain-mail top
From Pierre Ceriano (Store #62)
Owner:  Pierre Ceriano
Gift:  The Tudor knot formal garden
A Tudor knot formal garden (part of the Renaissance era in England) I guess William Shakespeare was said to have appreciated...*
From USC Textures (Store #15)
Owner:  HuntCoordinatorUSC Resident
Gift:  USC Textures: Renaissance Tulip
The USC Textures gift for Renaissance Hunt IV is a set of 12 fullperm textures called Renaissance Tulip.
From Drow Science
Owner:  Somehow Peccable
Gift:  Shakespeare's Desk
From The Vintage Touch (Store #26)
Owner:  Elysiane Sapphire
Gift:  VT Renaissance Banners
This is a set of 2 decorative wall banners to decorate your renaissance home or theater!
From Dragon Magick Wares (Store #42)
Owner:  Dragonia DeCuir
Gift:  Dragon Magick Wares Madonna
A beautiful piece of renaissance art work by Leonardo da Vinci 1483.
More to come!
Blogger:  XMarieX Fairport

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Silk Road "5" Hunt Gifts
(Part 7)
Here is the final group of gifts this blogger received to show to you.
I've put some gifts together when the opportunity was given.
A picture can only do so much, PLEASE pick all the gifts up so you can experience them for yourself!
From [LNS] - LaNoir Soleil Designs (Store #45)
[LNS Designs] Dancing Swords Necklace
From The Ferret & Hedgies Shoppee (Store #69)
PS Genie Hat
From Chimeric Arts & Fashions (Store #81)
~Chimeric Fashions~ Jeweled Lady Mask (White)
~Chimeric Fashions~ Jeweled Lady Mask (Black)
~Chimeric Fashions~ Simple Turban (Black)
~Chimeric Fashions~ Metal Mesh Mask (Brass)
From 14-FL-OZ (Store #23)
Floral Elephant Slip-Ons
Quatrefoil Elephant Slip-Ons
From Peckbeth Clothiers (Store #84)
Gentleman's Mandarin Jacket in a genie lamp (on the right)
From Goddess Fantasies (Store #5)
GF Morgiana (woman's outfit)
GF AliBaba (not shown)
Goddess AliBaba jar resizablex (on the left)
From Spyralle (Store #17)
Spyralle Silk Hood with Enamel Brooch - Dyer's Guild
Sock Monkey!  Are you photo bombing the Silk Road "5" Hunt blog?
You are???
Have you been in EVERY photo I've taken for the Silk Road "5" Hunt blog?
Should people look for you?
I think so too!
ENJOY The Silk Road "5" Hunt!
and ENJOY looking for Sock Monkey in the blog photos I took!
*There is a Search For Sock Monkey Cheat Sheet at the bottom of Part 1*
XMaireX Fairport

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Silk Road "5" Hunt Gifts
(Part 6)
Showing you more of the fine gifts found on the Silk Road "5" Hunt!
From Keshiki Garden Center (Store #8)
Asian_screen_3-panel (shown on the right)
From ~SWAN~ (Store #52)
~SWAN~ Merchant Cart (Unscripted Prop) (shown)
~SWAN~ Merchant Cart Ridable (Carts for Small, Med & Tall Avatars)
From True North Designs (Store #91)
Scherezade Parlor Carpet
Scherezade's Table
Scherezade's Coffee Server
Scherezade's Room Screen (on the left)
Scherezade's Divan
From Chaos, Panic & Disorder (Store #80)
:*:CPD:*: Persepolis Necklace (Women)
:*:CPD:*: Persepolis Necklace (Men)
Side Hunt has 9 Mesh Persian Rugs, :*:CPD:*: Mesh Persian Rug (Peacock) shown in the background.

Silk Road "5" Hunt Gifts
(Part 5)
Time to show you items you can wear!
From Rainy Fey Creations (Store #64)
RFC - 40 Thieves Necklace & Earrings
RFC-Jeweled Scimitar-Desert Wind
From stoned (Store #66)
Lapis Lazuli Bracelets for her
Lapis Lazuli Cuffs for Him
From Iron Tiger (Store #90)
~IT~ Caravan 2 Necklace Gold & Turquoise Woman
~IT~ Caravan 2 Necklace Gold & Turquoise Man

Silk Road "5" Hunt Gifts
(Part 4)
Here are more amazing gifts with samples on how well they work together.
From An Lema (Store #18)
40 Thieves Dressing Screen (pictured on the left - opens & closes)
Secrets of the thieves burl orient table
The Riches of Persia gold sheeted plant stand and potted palm
From Cog & Fleur (Store #36)
C&F Persian Screen for SRH5 (pictured on the right)
From Lunar Seasonal Designs (Store #61)
Genies Lamp at the Oasis Pond
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional gift<<
From The Vintage Touch (Store #13)
VT Eastern Silk Carpet
VT Imperial China Framed Art
VT Silk Road Framed Art
From Cake Fox (Store #7)
From Orchid Petal Designs (Store #50)
-OPd- Paradise Retreat
(multi-room building, one photo can't do it justice)
From Les Sucreries de Fairy (Store #42)
Ali Baba and 40 Thieves hunt gift
>>Blogger's opinion of excellence<<
From Les Arts de Saint-Bruno (Store #49)
8 - 1 prim framed works of art (3 of which are shown here)
From Fairey Angel Creations (Store #6)
Moroccan Table - Decorated w/ Fruit & Flower
From Zoe's Garden (Store #37)
*ZG* Genie Flowers - Red MAIN GIFT
*ZG* Genie Croton - Green EXTRA GIFT
*ZG* Genie Lamp (Touch On/Off) EXTRA GIFT
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional item<<
From ~SWAN~ (Store #52)
~SWAN~ Hiding Urn
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional item<<
From ~XM~ Designs (Store #30)
~XM~ Ali Baba's Tent (with 10 couple animations)

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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